Time-lapse video captures a day at the cottage in under a minute

If you’re unfamiliar with quadrocopters (or drones, if you prefer), they are a relatively new type of flying device which takes advantage of four rotors to stay aloft, rather than a helicopter’s two. This design allows for greater stability and ease of control, which makes them perfect for creating aerial videos.

We’ve featured videos of quadrocopters here at Cottage Life before. Perhaps you remember this drone that was knocked from the sky by an angry ram. Or maybe this bird’s eye view of a moose.

But we’ve never seen a drone used like this before. Jay Rann found a novel use for his drone, and put it to work capturing a relaxing weekend at the cottage. In the past couple of years, these drones have become so inexpensive that the average consumer can afford to treat themselves to their own eye in the sky.

That’s exactly what Jay decided to do when he paid a visit to Iris Cloutier’s cottage. The final product distils an entire afternoon of merriment down to under a minute. And the best part is, Jay never got in anyone’s way.

Thanks to Jay for the video, and Iris for keeping those cottage vibes alive this summer. Would you consider trying this yourself? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!