Here are some of the weirdest holiday-themed snacks of all time

Tis the season to binge on candy and snacks, and snack companies know it. So how do they capitalize on the sweet tooth time of year? By creating seasonally themed treats, of course. But in the quest to create the ultimate holiday snack, some companies have let their creativity get a little out of hand, resulting in treats that are just plain strange. Despite what you may believe, this gallery proves that peppermint flavour doesn’t actually pair well with everything.

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season could produce a candy that people don’t like. But you wouldn’t think we could screw up cake either, and yet the holidays have given us the most reviled cake of all time: fruitcake.

So the road to the perfect holiday snack is a rocky one. And to honour the efforts of snack companies, we’ve collected some of the best missteps on that journey. How many of these weird limited edition treats have you tried?

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