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We love this cottager’s patriotic dock

patriotic dock

This article was originally published in the Early Summer 2016 issue of Cottage Life magazine.

When Upper Harris Lake, Ont., cottager Ed Boekestyn built his new dock, he put his patriotism on full display. “I purposely set my schedule so that I would be mounting the maple leaf on Canada Day,” says Boekestyn, who worked this ultra-Canadian motif into the centre of his floating dock.

Photo by Ed Boekestyn
Boekestyn made his floating dock’s frame by repurposing aluminum flower carts he uses in his commercial greenhouse, bolted together.

Using only a table saw, a mitre saw, and a drill, Boekestyn designed the leaf from 11 pieces of 2×6 MicroPro Sienna, making sure each piece was no more than 5 1/2″—the actual width of the lumber—at its widest point. “I cut the centre piece first, cut the two sides, then went from there.”

Photo by Ed Boekestyn

He stained the leaf with a mix of wood preservative and chocolate-coloured stain, then framed around the design with pressure-treated decking. In a subtle touch that echoes Canada’s flag, Boekestyn used horizontal decking around the leaf and vertical boards on both flanks. “I’ve had lots of comments about how the dock looks amazing,” he says, adding that he had plenty of help from friends and family. “A dock is a centrepiece of a cottage, so I wanted to do something really special with it.”