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Watch a young girl save a flooded canoe using just her legs

Forget everything you learned at Girl Scouts and just follow this young Malaysian girl’s lead on how to rescue a sinking canoe.

The young girl from Mabul Island, a small fishing village just off the south-eastern coast of Malaysia, showed off her incredible strength as she used just her legs to save a capsizing wooden boat. Holding onto a nearby dock, she rocked the boat back and forth with her legs, slowly splashing the water out of the vessel. With the boat still partially submerged, she went hands-free and continued to tip the boat side to side until it was empty.

With the rescue task completed, the young girl jumped back into the water and helped the nearby bobbing kids get into the canoe, probably ready to set sail on other Huckleberry Finn adventures.

What’s most impressive is the balance it takes to stand like that. Most of us have issues just switching seats in a canoe, scared we’ll flip it over, let alone standing on just the edges.

This girl definitely deserves the water badge.