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Two arborists nearly killed during a botched cutting job

Of all the do-it-yourself projects, taking down a tree is among the most dangerous. But a standing dead tree is a major hazard, just waiting for a severe storm to send it crashing into your cottage roof. Such a disaster can cause major structural damage, or even worse, injury to the people inside.

Unfortunately, many well-meaning cottage owners take on the task of felling a tree by themselves, with disastrous results. It is easy to underestimate the immense weight of a tree, and the complete chaos it can cause as it falls to the ground. Take this video for example, where a couple of amateur arboristsĀ almost pay for their inexperience with their lives.

When felling trees, it’s always best to hire a professional. Who knows, maybe this precision lumberjack is available. However, if you are determined to take on such a task on your own, check out our handy guide, which gives tips on how to safely cut down a tree.