This kid-friendly DIY marshmallow catapult is the perfect summer project

Published: July 11, 2018 · Updated: February 6, 2019

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Laying siege to boredom has never been easier with this DIY marshmallow catapult. With a hot glue gun, mitre saw, and a few simple around-the-cottage materials, this homemade ‘mallow launcher will have you and your family waging war against the late afternoon hunger pains.

Here’s how to make your marshmallow catapult, click here.

1. Cut out the cardboard support walls, and hand over to the kids for decoration.

2. From the piece of poplar, cut the base to length. Make the posts, arm, and crossarm from the remainder by ripping to ½” x ¾” and cut to length as in the diagram. The crossarm should be 3½” long.

3. Drill ¼” holes in the arm where indicated—through the ¾” face. Start 4″ from the end. 4 Drill ¼” holes in the vertical posts, 1½” from the top.

5. Carefully notch each end of the crossarm about 1/8″ deep and ½” to fit inside the posts. 6 Now for the glue gun. Hot glue can cause nasty burns, so use caution.

6. Now for the glue gun. Hot glue can cause nasty burns, so use caution.

Generously glue the following:

• The walls to the base.

• The posts to the walls, making sure they’re aligned, so that the bolt will pass unobstructed through the posts and the arm (test this out while the glue is malleable).

• The crossarm to the posts.

• The bucket to the arm, at the far end from the holes, on the ½” face.

7. Insert the bolt through the posts and the arm, and lightly tighten the nut. Kids can play around with the three holes to see how each alters the trajectory of the marshmallow.

8.  Screw the cup hook into the base on the bucket side and the eye screw into the bottom of the catapult’s arm, on the opposite side from the bucket. Stretch the elastic band to each.

9. To load your weapon, pull down the bucket with your finger, and place one marsh mallow inside. Simply let go to launch. This means war!