This DIY sandbox with benches brings the beach to your kids

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Published: August 8, 2018 · Updated: September 1, 2020

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For kids, there’s no such thing as single-purpose furniture.

Keep your children busy in the backyard by providing them a place where imagination and creativity run free. This sandbox is covered when not in use and folds out to create handy side benches. Are you looking for other kid-friendly projects? Why not try to make a magnetic message board to keep your family organized. TIMBER MART shows you how to make it in six steps.


• Begin by cutting four 2x8s at 46″; this will be the bottom frame of your sandbox. We added 4x4s cut at 7¾” in the corners for extra stability.  Use 2½” deck screws and a dab of wood glue to attach.

• Cut 12 2x4s at 47½”; this will be the lid of your sandbox. Attach the first two to the frame, leaving a 1″ gap in between. This will be the spacing to use for the entire project.

• Cut four 7½” 2x4s that will act as the arm rests for the benches. These will be attached to the underside of the boards when the lid is closed. Once these are in place, attach two 3″ hinges on the back of each bench.

• Cut four 12½” 2x4s used as the back support when the benches are flipped open, then attach two 3′ hinges on the seats. This will let the lid pivot open to form the backrest.

• We added a U-bolt on the side to hold an umbrella and a rope on the lid to make it easier for kids to open the sandbox. Use landscape fabric inside to hold your sand in.