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Step back in time with this DIY sundial

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Unplugging at the cottage can now include clocks and watches with this fun and fast homemade sundial. Sunshine not included.

DIY Sundial

• Begin by cutting a 20″ diameter circle from a 3/4″ sheet of plywood. Sand and paint it white with an exterior-grade paint.

• Determine the geographic latitude for your location. (Most of Northern Ontario is 45º.) Subtract that from 90, and this will be the angle at which you need to cut your 4×4 post. We cut our post at 32″.

• Draw a straight horizontal line through the centre of your board, followed by a half moon about 1″ inside the edge. Using a protractor, make your first mark at the 90º. (This is 12:00.) Make marks every 15º on each side until you reach 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. These are your hour lines coming from the centre hole of your board. Paint all lines using black exterior paint.

• We added roman numerals and a.m./p.m. markings.

• Attach your gnomon (this is what is used to cast the shadow) using a 1/2″ pipe flange and 6″ of pipe.