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Precision lumberjack fells a tree with only inches to spare

Any cottage owner knows that a standing dead tree is a recipe for disaster. That ticking time bomb is just waiting for the right gust of wind to come crashing down, damage your roof, and possibly the structural integrity of the building. Add into this the danger to human life, and that sucker’s got to go.

Out in the forest, there’s less concern about where a felled tree lands, as long is it’s not on you. But what if the tree is sandwiched between two buildings with just a narrow gap to safely fall? Well, things get a bit more complicated.

A technique for precision tree felling that they use in this video is called “wedging,” which, if done carefully, allows a tree to fall in the opposite direction of is lean. The men in this video are clearly skilled, and hope that their mastery of wedging will allow them to avoid disaster. Stick around until the end of the video for a touching finale, and to witness this remarkable attempted feat.

Skip ahead to 2:50 if you want to dig right into the action.