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Products that rethink small-space heating

Photo courtesy of PuraFlame

Every cottage has its cold spots, from those drafty bathrooms to the garage that you wish was just a little warmer. You could chalk the cold up to a ghost and hire an exorcist—or you could check out one of these new products, which are perfect for heating small spaces.

Dyson AM09 Hot and Cool Fan Heater

Photo courtesy of Dyson Canada

In 2017, this product was named the “best overall” space heater by Digital Trends. Dyson’s Hot and Cool Fan Heater will heat up and cool even large rooms, without using blades. Instead, it relies on a noiseless and patented “Air Multiplier” technology to unobtrusively heat air and move it across the room.

De’Longhi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater

Photo courtesy of Delonghi

Unless you plan on moving your space heater from room to room on a regular basis, it can get tiresome tripping over cords (or the heater itself). Wall-mounted units eliminate that hassle, like the Mica Panel Heater by De’Longhi.

Lasko 6435 Ceramic Oscillating Heater

Photo courtesy of Lasko Products

Generally speaking, space heaters usually look pretty utilitarian. Granted, unless you have a contemporary cottage full of modern art, that might not be cause for concern. But then again, if you going to have an appliance in the middle of your room for an entire season, it might as well look interesting, right? That’s where the four-legged Lasko Ceramic Oscillating Heater, comes in. Part of the “designer series,” it’s affordable, easy on the eyes and comes with a remote control.

PuraFlame Galena Flat Panel Fireplace Heater

Photo courtesy of PuraFlame

Nothing beats the crackle of a fireplace. Then again, this LED version by PuraFlame comes pretty darn close. You can light the room to your liking by adjusting the flame’s brightness. Better yet, the colours of the backlight are also fully adjustable, so that you can match both your mood and your décor.

Duraflame Personal Fire Cube Electric Heater Fireplace

Photo courtesy of Duraflame

Available in a range of colours—we’re a fan of the turquoise, with leopard-print coming a close second—Duralfame’s Personal Fire Cube is ideal for kid’s bedrooms. It stays cool to the touch while heating spaces of up to 400 square feet. In the summer, it can be used without the heat, making for a pretty rad nightlight.

ConvectAir Impresario 1200

Photo courtesy of Convectair

Contrary to what their name implies, towel warmers are capable of warming far more than just towels. Case in point: ConvectAir’s Impresario 1200. A radiant heater made of tempered glass, it slowly diffuses heat through your bathroom. However, if you need an extra blast of post-shower warmth, just turn on its additional fan-forced heater for heat on-demand.

Camouflage Heater

Photo courtesy of Camouflage Heater

Made in Quebec, these energy-efficient heaters don’t just warm a room—they add style and character to it. The wall-mounted Camouflage Heaters feature artwork by Canadian painters and photographers, but mirror finishes and custom-created looks are also on-offer. So if you were looking for an excuse to hang a giant picture of your dog on your wall, we can’t think of a better one.

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