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Make a dock ramp for your dog at the cottage

dog-wearing-life-jacket-on-a-dock Photo by InBetweentheBlinks/Shuttertock

My dog loves jumping off our dock. When Shoki was a puppy, hauling her up the ladder was manageable but as she grew, a better solution was needed. Before you get started, you’re going to need some of these must-have DIY tools from TIMBER MART. Here’s how I built my dog a dock ramp to survive the outdoors.

Start by cutting the ramp frame, deck boards, and cleats to size and fasten them together using polyurethane adhesive and stainless steel screws. I used Western Red Cedar for its durability.

Next, cut 4-in. PVC pipe to length, insert shortened pool noodles (for extra flotation) and adhere the end caps with PVC cement. Connect the finished PVC floats to the ramp with galvanized hanger strapping.

Fold the sharp ends of the strapping under itself before attaching with screws. Lastly, connect the ramp to the dock with heavy-duty galvanized hinges. There are a few factors that may require adjusting the length of your ramp or adding flotation: The weight and agility of your dog, the distance between the dock surface and water need to be considered.

Ideally, the end of the ramp should sink about a foot under below the water surface when pooch puts their weight on it.

Enjoy! Here’s an illustration below:



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