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Keep your wood tidy and dry with this DIY pallet woodshed

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We almost don’t dare utter the W word—you know the one—winter. But now might not be a bad time to start thinking about the perfect place to store your wood. Join Cottage Life’s resident DIY-er, Adam, as he shows you how to build this DIY pallet woodshed. (And if you’re using your firewood now, make sure you’re observing any fire bans that may be in place.)

DIY Pallet Woodshed

  • Begin by levelling the ground where your bottom two pallets will sit. Use gravel screening or patio stones to raise your wood up off the ground, which will make it last longer. Once level, screw the bottom two pallets together using 2×4 wood. We used MicroPro Sienna.
  • Attach the sides to your base using 3″ deck screws and more 2x4s where required. Modify your pallets for the perfect fit. Build the structure that will hold your roof using 2x4s—the front should stick up about 10″ higher than the back to allow for runoff.
  • Use hangers to attach your joists. This will also help bear the load from snow. For the roof, we used a sheet of ¾” plywood as a base and then corrugated asphalt sheets as a weather barrier. The nails also have pre-attached washers to keep things watertight.