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How to repurpose your old sweaters

A pile of old wool sweaters Photo by austrian photographer/Shutterstock

As the cold weather begins to creep in on us, all those warm sweaters we put away for the summer begin to reappear. But there’s no question that at every cottage they’ll be a few of those well-worn, and well-appreciated sweaters hiding away in the closets, too used and too worn, but too special to throw out. Perhaps the sweater even has a great story, or maybe it’s as old as your grandparents, and you just don’t have the heart to get rid of it.

If that’s the case, it’s important for you to know how you can make use of some of your dearest sweaters.

Wearable accessories

One of the most efficient ways you can repurpose your old sweaters is to transform them into other wearable accessories including cozy slippers, leg warmers, mittens, and hats. These accessories are some of the simplest ways and do not require much skill. For leg warmers, take your sweater, cut off the sleeves, and voilà! For the others, all you need is some scissors, a needle and thread, and a vision.

Practical accessories

You can also use your old sweaters to create handy things like mug cozies, tote bags, and Christmas stockings. Mug cozies are great ways to keep your hands from burning, or even from freezing if your mug is cold. Tote bags are easy ways to salvage the majority of your sweater, while still putting it to good use. If your sweater has a stain, then make it the inside of your tote! And as December rapidly approaches, Christmas stockings are a perfect touch to your holiday preparation.

New cottage decor

Salvaging your favourite old sweaters and using them to create pillow cases, cushion/dining chair covers, area rugs, and lampshade upholstery, are some of the best ways to utilize those sweaters. And for those who have more than one sweater, why not consider making a quilt? It’s a wonderful collage of all your well-worn sweaters. Transforming your old sweaters into new cottage decor is a great way to make something old feel just like new again.

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