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How to repair a screen door

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If you find a tear in your screen door, fear not, we’ve got you covered:

Screen Door: Full Replacement

– Remove the door from the track using a flathead screwdriver.

– Remove the spline using a small screw or nail.

– Lay your new screen over the frame and tape down one end.

– Using a spline roller, start in one corner and slowly yet firmly work across the frame.

– Cut the spline when you reach the other side and tuck it into the channel.

– Repeat this for all four sides before trimming the excess screen.

– While your door is out of the frame, it’s also a good time to oil the wheels and clean the track.

Adhesive Tape Repair

– Trim away any sharp edges of screen.

– Cut a piece of adhesive tape to patch.

– Use a hair dryer or heat gun on the tape so it adheres to the screen. (This should take about 30 seconds.)

– The patch tape can be found at your local hardware store or on Amazon.

Adhesive Patch Repair

– Cut away any rough edges.

– Remove the adhesive backing from the patch.

– Apply the patch to the screen and press firmly.

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