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How to build a bat house

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Did you know that a single bat will eat up to 1,000 mosquitos a night? Bat houses are great for keeping bats out of your cottage and for minimizing itchy mosquito bites! Here’s how you can build yours:

Use an exterior-grade wood, like cedar, for best results. Begin by laying out a nylon outdoor placement to measure the size of your width. Cut two sides and angle the top at 30 degrees for the roof.

Measure and cut the front of the house. We used 3/4-inch plywood for this construction. Cut a gap a few inches from the bottom to allow airflow. Attach the roof, leaving overhang for water runoff.

Attach a nylon placemat inside so that the bats have something to hold onto. Add a predator guard to the bottom and silicon caulk all gaps.