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Eye-rubbingly bizarre entrance sets this modern cabin apart

Like something out of a strange dream, the entrance to this cabin looks like a hole in time, sucking in outdoors enthusiasts for a cup of tea and a nap.

The cabin sits atop a rocky outcropping, and can be found in Bergen, Norway. Its design is fairly pedestrian for modern cabins, a simple cube composed of wood and glass.

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Then there’s the entrance. Resembling the business end of a giant trumpet, the peculiar entrance is composed of curved, long shavings from pine trees, then covered with larch, which turns grey as it ages.


The cabin is called the Tubakuba, and was the result of a workshop at the Bergen School of Architecture.


While the cabin is certainly gorgeous, it is a fairly small space, with barely enough room for a simple bed and tiny common area.


But then again, you’re not there to sit indoors all day, are you?


If you’d like to spend a night in the Tubakuba, it is available for nightly booking (free of charge). Just swing by the Bergen Parks and Recreation office, and remember to pack a couple of candles for this off-the-grid camping experience.


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