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Curious contraption splits wood using a treadmill and a horse

We at Cottage Life have shown you innovative wood-splitting tools before, such as the Finnish Vipukirves wood splitter, but we’ve never seen an automated splitter quite like this.

Most people just roll up their sleeves and split wood using their own two arms. Or, if they have a few extra dollars they’ll buy an electric splitter to do the heavy work. Then again, why waste electricity when you can get your horse on the job? You do own a horse, don’t you?

The interesting machine in this video is primed to do just that, harnessing the kinetic energy of the horse’s gait to split the wood.

Believe it or not, this contraption is not one-of-a-kind. If you are determined to acquire one, you can contact Athens Enterprises to order one for yourself.

If this seems like a highly inefficient approach to splitting wood, company spokesperson Dr. Jerry Sellon points out its value as an exercise machine for the animals, saying that “Your horse is less likely to succumb to heat stroke and less likely to come up lame if it is in good physical condition.”

And hey, splitting wood takes a while. It’s nice to have a little company out there, too.