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Basement renovator brings the outhouse experience inside

There’s something inherently North American about a rickety old wooden outhouse, replete with cobwebs, 15-year-old magazines, and of course a crescent moon-shaped hole cut in the door.


The outhouse has long been a critical cottage component, as many of the isolated lakes where the cabins were built didn’t have infrastructure for plumbing. The solution was to dig a hole, built a simple shack, and install a toilet seat. Nowadays, even some of the more rustic cottages have basic septic tanks installed, along with running water and electricity.


But along the way have we lost some of the magic? Sure, it’s a pain to wander out into the night every time you have to go to the washroom, but the outhouse as a fixture is pretty iconic. A modern bathroom just doesn’t have the same charm.


Along came a clever renovator who decided to enjoy the best of both worlds. He lovingly crafted a classic outhouse out of wood and nails, even including a functioning toilet to replace the rather smelly alternative.


Even details such as humorous outhouse-themed decorations were added to enhance that signature charm.


We at Cottage Life think this is a great start, but how about an indoor lake, or maybe a nice fire pit?