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20 cozy home libraries that will make book lovers drool

Even though the cottage deck, dock, and hammock are often dubbed the most ideal reading spots, winter is the best time to hunker down with a good book. It’s the only time of year that you can stay in on the weekend—and maybe even cancel plans—judgement-free. After all, once the temperature starts to dip below zero, you can bet everyone else is doing the same.

But the key to getting in some good reading time is having a comfortable and inspiring place to do it, and no space will inspire you to read more than one filled with books.

Having your own home library might not sound realistic, especially if space is limited, but it doesn’t have to be big. As you’ll see with these spaces, small ones can be just as beautiful, and are often a lot more cozy.

No matter what you have to work with—an attic, a corner, the top of your stairs—we’re certain that these 20 home libraries will have you rethinking your wall space.