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Cottage Life

Like many successful Canadian brands, Cottage Life was created from humble beginnings. As new cottage owners, Al Zikovitz and Wendela Roberts were in need of help with the many unique challenges of their recently purchased cottage. They spent an entire summer conjuring up a myriad of content ideas for a high quality publication specifically created for waterfront cottage owners. In April 1988, the first issue of Cottage Life hit the newsstands and was an instant hit with cottage owners of all stripes.

The growth of Cottage Life during the past 26 years has resulted in one of Canada’s most enduring and best-loved brands.

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Cottage Life Magazine

Cottage Life Magazine was a hit with cottagers for a good reason. The articles were well-researched, informative and entertaining, not to mention beautifully designed alongside stunning images. It didn’t take long for Cottage Life to start racking up dozens of national and international awards with the total now being more than 200 counting.






Television Show

With the success of Cottage Life magazine well in hand, Al set his sights on television and launched one of Canada’s longest-running lifestyle series ever produced.



Certain cottaging categories required more in-depth coverage, which resulted in several best-selling Cottage Life books covering water systems, real estate, projects and recipes.


Cottage Life Spring Show

As the Cottage Life media audience continued to grow, the Spring Cottage Life Show was launched with hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of enthusiastic cottagers all coming together for one incredible weekend every spring.



The world was going digital, and Cottage Life's content was perfect for the world wide web. Cottagelife.com now has more than 1 million pageviews per month.


Cottage Life Master Card


Cottage Life Fall Show

Cottagers are always planning, and the Fall Cottage Life Show was the perfect venue for those who had projects both large and small in mind.




Television Channel

On September 4, the Cottage Life channel debuted with a wide spectrum of custom and curated content on leisure living. The channel lives up to its promise of "Where every day is the weekend".


Cottage Life West Magazine

Western Canadians can now enjoy the same award-winning approach to cottage living with their own publication dedicated to the needs of Western and coastal cottaging.


Edmonton Cottage Life & Cabin

Enjoying the cottage lifestyle is a national pastime, and Western Canadians now have the chance to enjoy their own Cottage Life show dedicated to the unique needs of Western cottaging.



Cottage Life branded merchandise can now be enjoyed by all Canadians who seek out high quality, weekend-inspired products including furniture, candles, clothing and food.

For almost 30 years Cottage Life has provided Canadians with inspiring, award-winning content along with engaging events and multi-platform offerings. One thing is certain: Cottage Life has earned a spot in Canada's iconic leisure brand category and will continue to evolve in the years to come.