Exhibitor FAQ

Q. Am I able to pick my booth location?

Changing our floor plan and placing exhibitors in a different location each year keeps the show fresh and interesting. When it comes time to allocate space, exhibitors may indicate logistical requirements only. Allocation will then occur in the order in which the application and deposit were received. Confirmation of booth location will be mailed approximately 6 to 8 weeks prior to the show. Please note that your participation in the show is not contingent on the exhibit location that is allocated to you. Please see the Conditions of Contract on your application, or speak to your Account Manager for more information.

Q. Is there a deadline for booking exhibit space?

The only deadline that exists (other than rate and payment deadlines) is the availability of exhibit space. We are fortunate that the shows sell out every year. For the Spring show, this is usually by the end of December. For the Fall show this is usually in mid-October.

Q. Is electrical hook-up included in the booth cost?

No, because not all exhibitors require an electrical hook-up; an order form will be included in your exhibitor kit. Existing lighting is adequate but extra lighting is encouraged to brighten your exhibit. You are permitted to bring your own CSA-approved lighting.

Q. How many attendees visit the show?

The Spring Cottage Life Show draws an average of about 30,000 attendees.
The Fall Cottage Life Show attracts 10,000 affluent attendees.

Q. Is my competition going to be there?

Potentially. In assessing a product or service category, we like to have enough companies to offer the attendees variety while at the same time not having so many that it makes it difficult for the exhibitors to have a successful show. In other words, we encourage healthy competition.

Q. What is provided in the exhibit space?

For booth space (a depth of 10′), an 8′ backwall drape and 3′ sidewall drapes are provided. For bulk space (a depth of 20′ or greater), drape needs are assessed on site. Signage indicating your company name and a floor covering are mandatory for all exhibits but are not provided.

Q. Is insurance coverage necessary?

Yes, proof of liability insurance with a minimum of $2,000,000 is required to participate in our shows. This is necessary for the safety and security of exhibitors, the attending public, and show management. More information will be provided to you when we issue an exhibit space contract.

Q. When do I move in/out?

Each exhibitor will be assigned a specific move-in time on the Wednesday or Thursday before the Spring show, and on the Thursday before the Fall show. Those farthest from the doors move in first while those closest move in last. Friday move-in is not possible without written consent from show management. If you have a specific request for a move-in time/day, please advise your Account Manager before booths have been assigned.

Q. Can you accommodate my unique booth design?

Talk to your Account Manager about any unique features of your booth, especially regarding side-wall heights, overall booth heights, roofing/tents, or any building/construction time that is required to erect your booth. We will work with you to ensure you have enough room and time to build your booth, and to ensure that your booth dimensions do not impact your neighbours. About 2 months prior to the show, you will also receive a form asking for any dimensions, requests, or requirements that are outside the norm of our booth regulations. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and give us information about your booth design and move-in needs. When in doubt, ask! We’re here to work with you.

Q. Are there any other costs associated with participation in the show?

Other than booth cost, electrical, and potentially insurance, all other costs are within your control. Items such as signage, floor covering, plants, tables, and the like are available for rental from the designated suppliers but you are more than welcome to bring your own with you. Parking is free at the International Centre.

Q. Is the International Centre a union facility?

Other than the staff who drive the forklifts and place the drapes, carpets, tables, and chairs, the facility is non-union. This means that you are able to unload your vehicle and construct your booth.

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