My dirty little secret

I have a confession to make. I don’t like cleaning my floors, and I don’t like it any more at the cottage (where keeping mice at bay requires extra effort) than I do at home. With a toddler around I’ve become better about doing it, and I wanted to share with you devoted readers my new secret weapon that has taken the pain out of keeping on top of those daily spills: The Rubbermaid Reveal.

What I liked about this mop:

1. Unlike some modern mops that feature a disposable pad, the microfibre pad on this mop can be washed and reused.

2. There’s a spray bottle attached to the mop handle, allowing you to spray and mop as you go. So no schlepping a bucket around.

3. Whether you favour non-toxic cleaners, or perhaps hot water and vinegar, you can put your cleaning solution of choice into the spray bottle.

4. It has caught the eye of my little girl, who likes taking it around the house, spraying and wiping up as she goes. Who am I to try to stop her?

Though I have changed my ways, I still take comfort the quote from someone wise that goes something like: No one ever said on his death bed, “If only I’d spent more time cleaning the house…”


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