Dreaming of summer

I got the following note from Drew Gulyas, a friend of mine who is on leave right now with his three girls. He’s a teacher by trade and before that he was a  co-director at Camp Oochigeas. Pretty lucky kids to have the year at “camp dad.”

He sent this to me after the big snow fall we had last week, and thought I’d share it with you:

there is a certain silence that comes with
a snowfall
a dampening of the grinding and clatter and moving about of everyday life
such that
when I stand in my own backyard
encircled by this small stand of evergreens
I can almost imagine I am there.

the lake
quietly receiving billions of infinitely unique crystals
the trees
freshly draped in miniature fluffy white, toddler inspired sandcastles
the air
restoring me with its crispness
watering my eyes
running my nose
putting roses in my baby’s cheeks
and granite
resting peacefully beneath it all
waiting for spring.

i miss the cottage.

Thanks for sharing this, Drew! You can read more about Drew’s adventures and thoughts on his blog.

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