Kid vs. Cottage

Our cottage weekend had one special ingredient this year: a baby. Guest post by Jackie Davis, assistant editor.

My friends and I just had our annual Girls’ Weekend at a friend’s cottage on Haliburton Lake. There are seven of us, and we’ve all known each other since at least grade seven. We’ve done this for many years, but 2011 was different, sort of: One of my friends brought her 10-month-old baby. And yikes—I didn’t realize how potentially hazardous the cottage could be. Things that seem vaguely menacing—Wood-chopping axe! Random electrical cords! Sharp corners! Weird-looking bugs!—are a lot more dangerous if you spend most of your time on the floor, grabbing everything and trying to stuff it into your mouth. Also scary: Wildlife. At one point, a bear came right up to the front porch of the cottage. My first thought was, Dear God, where is the baby?! Then someone said, “I left my keys in the car. I hope that bear can’t drive.”

We spent a lot of the weekend making sure the baby wasn’t a hazard to himself, or other objects. He kept trying to eat paper, especially magazines. I saved the copies of Cottage Life, but People wasn’t so lucky. I’m pretty sure he got part of The Bachelorette’s face. Luckily, music helped entertain and distract him; he seemed to enjoy MGMT’s “Electric Feel.” Good call, baby. So all in all, it was another successful (and disaster-free) weekend.

Check back Wed., July 27 for my next post.

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