Storm emergency kit

Preparing for a heavy storm takes a lot of effort. From getting a generator to ensuring that windows are sturdy, there’s a lot to remember, so forgetting something that might help you during the storm could be easy. Here’s a quick checklist of what you can gather ahead of time to make sure that you have a calm before the storm.

Cell phone (Also choose a land-line telephone that will work when the cottage power is out.)

Chainsaw, bowsaw, or axe (Use safety equipment with a chainsaw.)

Generator and fuel

Pump and hose

Clean plastic barrel for storing water from the lake (If you’re a long way from shore, get a rain barrel.)

Solar lights (They charge during the day and can be used inside the cottage at night.)

Roll-up or portable solar panel (It provides a modest amount of power for lights or charging batteries.)

Windup, battery-run, or solar-powered radio

Flashlight, candles, or lanterns. Lots of matches or lighters

Sleeping bags or emergency blankets

Manual can opener (Or the handy can opener on your Swiss Army knife.)

Sensible walking shoes or boots

For full-out disaster readiness, you can use the federal government’s Emergency Preparedness Guide to develop a contact list, basic emergency kit, and cottage-level emergency plan (for example, cottagers relying on medication should always carry a supply exceeding the duration of their stay, in case they are stranded by a storm).

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