bald eagle swimming
Photo by Cheryl Papove/CBC

Watch a bald eagle take a swim in Belcarra, B.C.

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Sometimes, a bald eagle can get overly ambitious when seeking out its prey. If this iconic bird has its sights on a particularly large fish, the eagle will swoop down, grab it’s struggling prey, and swim it to shore.

Last week, Cheryl Papove was lucky enough to catch this rare sight on video.

“It was unusual, I don’t really know what they were doing,” Papove told CBC. “But still kind of neat to see.”

Though fairly strong swimmers, bald eagles have been known to drown if they are too far from shore (remember the rescue of the drowning fledgling eagle?). It is always a daring decision for the bird, because once they are in the water, they can’t fly out.

Luckily, this particular eagle seems to have had no issue getting back to shore. After air drying for a couple of minutes, and showing off a little for the camera, the bird flew off, no worse for wear.