Dog pulling deer from water
Photo by Mark Freeley

Video shows dog’s heroic rescue of a drowning fawn

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Just in case you needed more proof that dogs are the most selfless beings on earth, a video was posted online this week of Storm the golden retriever swimming out into ocean waters to rescue a baby deer.

Storm’s owner, Mark Freeley, has said he was just out walking Storm and another dog when he noticed a baby deer out in the water with waves splashing over its head. Apparently, Freeley wasn’t the only one to notice the fawn in distress. “Storm just plunged into the water and started swimming out to the fawn, grabbed it by the neck, and started swimming to shore,” he told CBS New York.

Freeley quickly grabbed his camera and started filming the extraordinary rescue. Once storm reaches the deer, grabbing it by its neck, Freeley is heard shouting encouragement: “Storm, bring him in!”

Storm complies, pulling the fawn to shore. The fawn is shaken but alive, though in its fear, it does attempt to escape from its rescuer. In fact, Freeley told CBS that after he stopped filming, the deer again ran out into the water. “This time it went out even further.” It seems the deer, separated from its mother, was acting out of panic.

Erica Kutzing carrying fawn on the beach
Erica Kutzing of Strong Island Animal Rescue League carries the fawn to safety

Freeley and another man, Frankie Floridia, got ropes and hauled the deer back in, and Floridia’s partner, Erica Kutzing, carried the fawn to a rescue van. From there, they brought the fawn to the Strong Island Animal Rescue League, where Kutzing works, where it is being treated for a minor eye injury, ticks, and subcutaneous emphysema. It will be released into the wild when it is recovered and a little bit older.

As for Storm, if he’s anything anything like most doggos we know, he needs only two words as a reward: “Good dog!”