Photo by Facebook/Bertrand Beaulieu

Three deer trash convenience store in Grand Falls, New Brunswick

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Drivers gassing up in Grand Falls, New Brunswick, never could have guessed what they’d find when they went into the store to pay earlier this week.

On Monday, a trio of deer found their way inside a convenience store at a local gas bar and completely ransacked the place. In a predictably panicked state, they began pushing snacks off the shelves and banging against the store’s windows before finding their way out and scampering away.

Bertrand Beaulieu was out for a morning walk near the gas bar, when he heard something behind him. He told reporters that when he turned around, there was a deer standing so close to him that he could have touched it.

Within seconds, the spooked deer ran across the street and straight into the convenience store. Then, believe it or not, two others followed the first deer in.

“It’s the first and probably the last time I’ll see something like this,” Beaulieu told The Toronto Star. “It’s not very often that you get wild animals downtown.”

Beaulieu said that he could hear the deer inside, knocking things off the shelves and running into the glass in attempt to escape, and that’s when he pulled out his phone and began recording.

His first video captures one of the gas bar’s employees attempting to shoo the deer by holding the store’s door open and banging on it to grab the animals’ attention. Shortly after, the deer can be seen scurrying away, one by one.

The second video shows the damage—packages of candy and lottery tickets strewn throughout the store, a few bottles of Pepsi broken open, and muddy tracks covering the linoleum floor.

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