moose calf rescued sask
Photo by Saskatchewan Association of Conservation Officers/CBC

Saskatchewan residents save abandoned moose calf

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For four days, a moose calf was wandering the edge of a field in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan bawling for it’s mother. Growing weaker, the animal slowly ambled closer to a local farm, where two residents were keeping watch. When it became clear the infant wouldn’t survive much longer, the residents were able to tube-feed the calf, building up it’s strength, and reported the incident to Conservation Officers and the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan.

After the calf was affectionately dubbed Greta by the residents, it was determined by the conservation officer Sergeant Howey and moose specialist Rob Tether that the animal should be taken to Heavenly Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation Farm. Greta will be treated and cared for until she can be released back to the wild.

In a Facebook post by the Saskatchewan Association of Conservation Officers, they stress the importance of maintaining the “wild side” of any found animal.

“It is only natural that people become attached to baby wildlife given the animal’s need for a parent figure, in addition to young wildlife being extremely cute and docile!”

The post goes on to stress the importance of reporting these incidents as quickly as possible, as this can increase the chances of success in the animal’s rehabilitation.

Thankfully, Greta is expected to make a full recovery and return to the wild next year.