boat spray tames fire
Photo by Lorrie Jane Arnott/Facebook

Quick-thinking boaters help tame grass fire in B.C.

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Koyne Watson and Tasha Hunt were taking their high-powered jet boat for a cruise on the South Thompson River near Kamloops, B.C. when they saw something alarming along the bank.

“We were actually just floating with some friends … and we noticed some smoke,” Hunt told CBC. “And so I thought, ‘Oh my God, that’s a fire.'”

Steering the boat closer to the grass fire, Hunt called emergency services immediately. Fearing for the nearby houses, her fiancé suggested using the massive spray from the boat to tame the flames long enough for the fire department to arrive.

“He just spun the boat around and took a shot at it,” said Hunt. “So he went again and again and it was crazy—people were cheering so we knew we were doing some kind of good on the flames.”


Posted by Lorrie Jane on Saturday, July 29, 2017

The spray from Watson’s 1,000 horsepower motor was able to reach the blaze, though it took a few tries.

“I just drove that boat and hung on to that horsepower,” said Watson. “We jumped it out of the water numerous times, we did a 360 in it once, we were definitely hard on the boat for sure.”

When firefighters finally arrived, people gathered to applaud the group.

“Everyone stood up on their boats and applauded him,” Lorie Jane Arnott, who witnessed the incident, told CBC. “He was definitely the hero of the day.”