dog rescue from sinkhole
Photo by Alpha Fire Company/Facebook

Golden retriever rescued from 15-foot sinkhole

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Last Monday, Skye the golden retriever and her owner, Megan Holmes, were out for a nighttime walk near the Penn State Arboretum when the dog disappeared.

Holmes and her husband Ron spent the next two days searching the area where she had last seen Skye. It wasn’t until Wednesday morning that the two began to hear barking. The sounds eventually led them to their beloved dog, who was trapped at the bottom of a 15-foot-deep sinkhole.

Alpha Fire Company was immediately contacted, and they quickly set to work rescuing the pup. The company rigged up a doggy harness and one of the officers climbed down a ladder to grab Skye.

Once he got to the bottom, the officer realized that the sinkhole opened up into a car-sized space, which could account for how well the dog seemed to be doing. He strapped Skye in to the harness, and his team carefully pushed and pulled her to the surface.

Skye’s owners were thrilled to see she was in good health.

“I thought she would have drowned if she was somewhere down there or suffered hypothermia,” Ron Harris told Fox News.

Skye was also excited to be reunited with her owners, and saved from the strange, reverse-Lassie experience. Once returned to the surface, she immediately did a victory lap, greeting everyone with a cheerful nuzzle.

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