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Deer charges man and two dogs to protect fawn

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Even the most seemingly gentle animals become aggressive when protecting their young.

In two separate incidents over the weekend, a deer attacked a man and two dogs in Saanich, B.C. This doe was protecting her fawn, and specifically went for the dogs in both cases.

“I heard this noise behind me because it is paved road and I turned around and it was a deer about three feet behind me,” Romeo Strasbourg told CBC. “My dog hadn’t heard it because my dog is partly blind and probably half deaf. But when she saw it she started growling and that’s when the deer attacked us.”

Thankfully, Strasbourg was able to get to a neighbouring porch before the deer could cause any harm.

This kind of behaviour is natural, but perhaps unexpected. Though encounters with humans are usually uneventful, the presence of dogs creates an added layer of danger. As dogs are descended from wolves, deer have a natural reaction to the sight of this predator, and will act aggressively when a fawn is present.

Luckily, no one was hurt in these two incidents.