Quiz: Do you know the collective names for these animals?

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When it comes to scientific names, it seems anything goes. Recently, scientists in Florida named a parasitic wasp after a dessert (Keylimepie peckorum). Meanwhile, in Australia, there’s a fly named after Beyonce (Scaptia beyonceae), and in Colombia there’s the punny spider, Apopyllus now.

But the strangeness doesn’t end with the naming of animals (and it isn’t restricted to other countries). There are also some interesting names for groups of animals together, and many of them apply to creatures here in Canada. Sure, we’ve all heard of a herd of buffalo, or a pod of whales. But there are other collective nouns that are a little less known.

How many of these are you familiar with?

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Featured photo credit: Darren Baker/Shutterstock.com

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