Photo by Rodney Ginn/Facebook

Man comes home to find mother bear and her cubs in his kitchen

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Rodney Ginn of Mammoth Lakes, California, got an unpleasant surprise when he got home from work a few weeks ago.

After closing two outside doors he assumed his roommate had left open, Ginn wandered into his kitchen to find a mother bear and her cubs hanging out. He quickly ran up to the second floor to avoid an altercation with the unexpected house guests, only to be followed by the bears.

He was able to film the cubs from a distance as they came up the stairs, but eventually the mother bear got spooked and charged him. Ginn managed to lock himself in his room before the bear got too close.

Photo by Rodney Ginn/Facebook

Ginn stayed in his room for a half hour or so before venturing out again. Luckily, the bears had left the premise.

“Pretty much [the mother bear] opened the sliding door and her and the two cubs got out,” Ginn explained in a Facebook post.

We expect Ginn and his roommate will be keeping their doors shut and locked from now on.

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