Rustic A-frame cabin in Northern California

8 charming little cabins you can rent across North America

By Chloé Fedio January 12, 2015

Imagine your entire home was no bigger than a living room. That’s the new reality for those taking part in the emerging tiny...

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Helston, England

Rest your head in one of these fairytale cottages around the world

By Jackie Campbell December 3, 2014

The world of sharing—cars, bikes, transit, couches, homes—definitely has its perks. These days, community-driven hospitality...

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Outside of lighthouse

Lovely lighthouses you can rent around the world

By Vesna Plazacic November 17, 2014

Lodging rental website Airbnb has made it easier than ever to travel the world on the cheap and stay in interesting places around...

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Spend the night above it all in a de-commissioned fire tower

By Emily Campbell October 3, 2014

Before automated cameras came along, the United States Department of Forestry kept watch over their parks with a decidedly less...

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Treehouse Point

Unbelievable treehouses around the globe

By Stacey McLeod July 8, 2014

There’s no need to abandon childhood fantasies of camping out in elaborate treehouses thanks to ambitious builders around the...

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Chalet River Log – Mont Tremblant, QC

Winter escapes in cottage country

By Cottage Life September 18, 2013

Think cottaging starts and ends with the long, sunny days of summer? These spectacular winter retreats throughout Canada could...

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Goldenwood Lodge - Golden, B.C.

7 unique accommodations across Canada

By Cottage Life July 12, 2013

We'll never get tired of tried-and-true cottages, but there are plenty of options for intrepid travellers who want to step outside...

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For Rent

Top reasons for renting out your cottage

By Cottage Life July 4, 2013

The demand for cottage rentals is on the rise. What this means for cottage owners is that your property could be a cash cow. It...

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First-timer’s guide to renting a cottage

By Cottage Life June 10, 2013

Thanks to the Internet, cottage rentals are more accessible than ever. But despite the amenities and value—not to mention the...

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