Exterior of cottage

Tour this stunning storybook cottage shaped like a silo

By Jackie Campbell April 13, 2015

There is a quaint little place called Santarella—an estate deep in forested rural Massachusetts where guests flock to escape to...

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Converted windmill

Tour this rustic windmill converted into the perfect countryside retreat

By Jackie Campbell April 9, 2015

We've seen it all—converted barns, warehouses, storage lockers, tree houses, and all kinds of tiny homes, but this repurposed...

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A-frame exterior

This A-frame cabin is the perfect backroad hideaway

By Jackie Campbell March 23, 2015

Calling all writers, artists, musicians, and nature lovers: we may have tracked down the perfect creative getaway. Whether...

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This remote ‘mushroom’ cottage is equipped with its own sky dome

By Jackie Campbell

Is there anything better than a small, tucked-away building that has been designed to blend in with its natural surroundings? We...

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A floating B&B

Spend an evening in one of these dreamy houseboats

By Chloé Fedio March 20, 2015

Interested in a lazy vacation? If your idea of a good time is getting as close to the water as possible, there's a bounty of...

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Take a trip through time in this 1970s California tree house

By Jackie Campbell March 7, 2015

Children trapped in adult bodies, rejoice! Tree houses aren't just for kids anymore. Thanks to some innovative minds, creative...

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Tinos, Greece

5 quaint windmills you can rent around the world

By Sara Laux February 20, 2015

Nothing beats renting a cottage, right? Well what about your very own windmill? The next time you're travelling the gorgeous...

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Cabin in Labelle, Quebec

Explore this hand-hewn cabin amidst a hundred acres of Laurentian forest

By Jackie Campbell February 16, 2015

This cabin in Labelle, Quebec is the perfect location for your next outdoor retreat—whether it be hiking, fishing, or simply...

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Rustic A-frame cabin in Northern California

8 charming little cabins you can rent across North America

By Chloé Fedio January 12, 2015

Imagine your entire home was no bigger than a living room. That’s the new reality for those taking part in the emerging tiny...

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Helston, England

Rest your head in one of these fairytale cottages around the world

By Jackie Campbell December 3, 2014

The world of sharing—cars, bikes, transit, couches, homes—definitely has its perks. These days, community-driven hospitality...

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