Outside of cabin

This fabulous pre-fab home installs on site in just one day

By Samantha Edwards May 27, 2015

Dubbed the DublDom, this beautiful bungalow is built inside a Russia-based factory and can be assembled on site in just one day....

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You won’t believe this cozy Ontario cabin is made of shipping containers

By Samantha Edwards May 12, 2015

Tucked away in the idyllic forest of Bobcaygeon, Ontario, sits a multi-prong structure that looks a bit like landed spaceship....

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Exterior of the cabin

This straw-bale cabin is an eco-friendly modern marvel

By Samantha Edwards May 7, 2015

Perched 3,600-feet high atop the remote edge of the Tahoe National Forest in Nevado County, California, an eco-friendly cabin is...

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Off-grid home

25 homes that prove off-grid can be gorgeous

By Jackie Campbell April 16, 2015

No one can deny that green terms like "geothermal," "water recycling," and “solar energy” have become increasingly popular in...

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Cottages that are one with nature

These gorgeous natural cottages are practically part of the landscape

By Emily Campbell April 11, 2015

The whole point of a cottage is to throw off the city's shackles and get back in touch with mother nature. So it stands to reason...

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This 200-year-old Texas barn is all cozy comfort

By Samantha Edwards March 30, 2015

Originally built in upstate New York, this Colonial-era barn was transformed into a weekend retreat in Texas—perfect for big...

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Outside of cabin

This microhome is perfect for subzero Arctic temperatures

By Samantha Edwards February 23, 2015

It’s no secret that we here at Cottage Life love tiny homes with even tinier carbon footprints. This microhome, however, may be...

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Surfers' paradise

Isolated cabins that will make you want to run away from it all

By Jackie Campbell February 9, 2015

Wouldn't it be nice to get away? Whether tucked in a forest, perched on a hill, or beside a lake, these cabins are sure to...

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Posey, California

20 tiny cabins that will inspire you to downsize

By Jackie Campbell January 20, 2015

We've heard it all before: baby boomers are getting older and will need to downsize soon, Millennials won't be able to afford...

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Dee Williams’ Tiny House

The opposite of hoarding: woman lives in tiny home with only 305 possessions

By Samantha Edwards January 15, 2015

A decade ago, Dee Williams had a heart attack and was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a disease of abnormal heart muscle. After...

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