15 real estate terms for first-time buyers

By Samantha Edwards February 27, 2013

Before you start hunting for your dream cottage—whether it’s a large country home on a big lake bustling with boats and jet...

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The Quebec cottage market

By Susan Nerberg April 9, 2012

Active living and sports are all the rage in Quebec’s most popular cottage regions, with such pursuits as hiking and mountain...

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2012 cottage real estate guide

By Cottage Life February 15, 2012

Considering a new cottage this year? Don't enter the real estate market unarmed. Read up on the regions to watch, plus get answers...

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Otter Lake

5 cottage regions to watch in 2012

By Kim Pittaway February 9, 2012

Tired of the lumpy pullout at your BFF’s cottage? Do you dream of putting your name on a title instead of renting? If...

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Susanne Reber's cottage

15 things cottage buyers need to consider

By Blair December 13, 2011

Chris Winney, a real estate agent with Royal LePage, presented the following information at the 2011 Fall Cottage Life Show. 1....

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The great search for a cottage

By October 19, 2011

Buying our first cottage, on Wolfe Island, Ont., had been a quick and simple affair. 
We saw it, we loved it, we bought it. We...

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6 real estate trends

By Jay Teitel September 28, 2011

2010's cottage real estate market unfolded in the 
lingering shadow of the infamous summer of 2008— 
economic meltdowns,...

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Buying an empty lot

By Cottage Life June 10, 2011

In your search for the perfect vacation getaway, the most appealing property may turn out to be an undeveloped lot. The lure of...

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