Tiny home

Tips for converting to a tiny home or cottage

By Stacey McLeod August 20, 2014

It’s no mystery why the tiny homes movement is creeping its way into the mainstream. As housing prices soar, some are drawn to...

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Sandbanks Summer Village

Sandbanks Summer Village aims to offer a new type of cottage community

By Cottage Life May 6, 2014

Cottage Advisors Canada is building a new type of cottage community in Canada. Howard Hall started Cottage Advisors in the US,...

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Atlantic Coast

What to consider when buying an Atlantic Coast cottage

By Katie Ingram

As properties in coveted cottage regions become more expensive, aspiring cottagers are looking to new spots to build or buy their...

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Cottage Dollar

A bargain hunter’s buying guide

By Cottage Life

Our experts share insider secrets for scoring the ultimate cottage deal.

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Hunting for a cottage

5 steps to start hunting for a cottage

By Kim Pittaway

1. Get your financing 
in order well in advance. Then you won’t have 
to take the first lender who comes along, says Invis...

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5 ways to a better cottage bargain

By Kim Pittaway March 5, 2013

1. Choose a cottage on an island Greyhound Island retreat1980s 2-bedroom, 800 sq. ft. cabin on Rainy Lake. Finished in local...

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Empty pockets

How to make the most of your money

By Kim Pittaway

Hazard land. It’s the kind of designation that scares off many buyers—and some mortgagers and insurers. But when Sarah Poole...

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Cottage regions to watch in 2013

By Kim Pittaway

1) Sault Ste. Marie—Lake Huron 
Price: Around $140,000 for waterfront properties with road access.Get a better bargain:...

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15 real estate terms for first-time buyers

By Samantha Edwards February 27, 2013

Before you start hunting for your dream cottage—whether it’s a large country home on a big lake bustling with boats and jet...

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