She's seaworthy

These two friends made a boat made from 50,000 plastic bottles

By Emily Campbell August 16, 2014

Did you know that our oceans are covered with vast floating garbage islands the size of Florida? These massive chunks of garbage...

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Stuff we like: Mice block

By Martin Zibauer September 7, 2012

A warm draft escaping the cottage is a reverse Pied Piper, luring heat-seeking mice inside. Block entry routes with something...

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A bait-and-slip tactic

By Ray Ford February 24, 2012

Fishing is for the birds at Glenn Armstrong’s Julian Lake place in the Kawarthas, thanks to a surplus rod that feeds chickadees...

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The buck stops here

By Ray Ford

Sure, they’re lovely, but when deer start snacking on your cottage raspberry patch, you’re apt to wonder how berry-fed venison...

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