Cottage Life Show roundup: Abacus Furniture Design 1

By Michelle Kelly, posted Apr 27th 2010 Cottage Life Show roundup: Abacus Furniture Design

There's something very important about me that I haven't yet shared with you, dear readers: I'm a dog lover. We have a three-year-old Airedale terrier named Georgia. She's sweet as pie when she's not eating the leather strap on my handbag or barking at the pizza delivery...

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Solar-powered lamps from Ikea 5

By Michelle Kelly, posted Apr 26th 2010 Solar-powered lamps from Ikea

So, did anyone make it out to Aberfoyle this weekend? If so, please send me a report! Today I've got a decidedly different tip for you. There's nothing old or antique about Ikea (not yet, at least). As much as some people like to dislike their cheap stuff, they do have some...

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Watch for serviceberries in bloom

By Martin Zibauer, posted Apr 26th 2010 Watch for serviceberries in bloom

Since the serviceberry in my front yard has just finished blooming, I imagine the ones a little farther north in cottage country are just about to bloom. Watch out for them and note the trees, so you can enjoy the berries in early summer. We'll have more on identifying...

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Bear dens under Lake of the Woods cottage 1

By Penny Caldwell, posted Apr 26th 2010

Guess who came for the winter? Turns out our bear problem is nothing compared to the conundrum facing Ron and Val Brown on Coney Island in Lake of the Woods. Their bear curled up and went to sleep under the cottage, and is now defending his/her “den” when they try to return....

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Cottage roads divide neighbours 3

By Penny Caldwell, posted Apr 26th 2010

Where you find acrimony among cottagers, you’re likely to find a road too. Road disputes have long been a source of bitterness between neighbours: who gets to drive on it? who has to pay to maintain it? what do you do about the cottager who refuses to pay but uses the road...

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Rogers Golden Syrup 2

By Martin Zibauer, posted Apr 26th 2010

Mike suggested using Rogers Golden Syrup for ANZAC biscuits. I hadn't seen it in Ontario, so I asked the manufacturer if it was available. It's not in stores here, but I'm impressed that Lantic will ship a case in as a special order. That's good customer service. Here's the...

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Our marina crisis—who you gonna call? 1

By Penny Caldwell, posted Apr 23rd 2010

When my daughter and I arrived at the landing, the boat was there but we couldn’t see DH anywhere. Our plan had been that he would come in from the island to pick us up. We parked the car in the rough gravel lot next to a small white sign with our name on it, one in a straggly...

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Aberfoyle Antique Market

By Michelle Kelly, posted Apr 23rd 2010

I am such a fraud. Truly. I am employed as a cottage style blogger, so you'd think I'd well know all of the best flea and antique markets in this province. But I don't. I have one that I really like just down the road from my cottage, and beyond that I can't think of any others...

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Traditional ANZAC biscuit recipe 4

By Martin Zibauer, posted Apr 23rd 2010

In Australia and New Zealand, ANZAC Day is the equivalent of our Remembrance Day. It's held on April 25, the anniversary of the start of the First World War's Gallipoli Campaign. During the war, wives, mothers, and girlfriends baked biscuits to send to ANZAC (Australia and New...

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Eat to the beat – Popcorn

By Martin Zibauer, posted Apr 21st 2010

Mid-morning, I always feel like dancing to obscure Swedish remixes, don't you? Guaranteed to get the cottage kitchen shakin'.

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