Family Weekend Challenge #3: Sing a song, wave a flag

By Liann Bobechko, posted Jul 22nd 2010

It's high-summer, and soon the cottage regattas will be upon us. Whether or not you are competitive cottagers, it's good to be prepared with a little patroitism for  your corner of paradise. That's why this week's Family Weekend Challenge is: Sing a song, wave a flag. But...

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Bookshelves on the brain

By Michelle Kelly, posted Jul 20th 2010

Not 24 hours after I wrote my own post about bookshelves, a colleague brought this to my attention. It's a whole home made of bookshelves! Pretty dreamy, if you ask me.

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Best bookshelves

By Michelle Kelly, posted Jul 19th 2010 Best bookshelves

Rich and I are in an ongoing "discussion" about how to organize our book collection in our new house, and have been looking at modular wall-mounted systems. We like them because built-ins have to be left behind when you move and are a touch pricey to boot. Plus, we want to...

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Boating safety

By Liann Bobechko, posted Jul 19th 2010

I posted a guest-blog on Penny's blog today with some thoughts about wearing my life jacket. How is it decided at your cottage who wears a PFD? Is there an age cut off? Do you have to be able to swim a certain distance? Also, if you  know of someone who is helping to...

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Call for Canadian Safe Boating Award nominations

By Penny Caldwell, posted Jul 19th 2010

Perhaps I'm a safety ninny. We loaded onto the pontoon boat, adults and kids, including some guests to the cottage, and prepared for a tour of some of our favourite spots around the lake. As the kids put on their PFDs dutifully, I thought to myself, maybe I'll wear mine too....

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MicroFIT rebates slashed

By Penny Caldwell, posted Jul 16th 2010

In Cottage Q&A in the current issue (Summer ’10), we explained the potential returns to be made by installing a solar photovoltaic system at your cottage. And we warned that “the sooner you can get your project started, the better,” because the fee the Ontario Power...

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Inspiring space-saving solution

By Michelle Kelly, posted Jul 16th 2010

I can't say exactly what this idea has to do directly with the cottage other than it's an amazingly clever way of making great use of a tiny space. It comes courtesy of one of my favourite websites, design*sponge. When these homeowners were looking to making better use their...

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Family Weekend Challenge #2: Learn and perform a magic trick

By Liann Bobechko, posted Jul 15th 2010

Well, it's almost the weekend (hooray!) so it's time to announce this week's Family Weekend Challenge. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to: Learn and perform a magic trick. In our summer issue we mentioned a book, Campfire Magic, by renowned magician Mac King. To...

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July: a summer poem 9

By Liann Bobechko, posted Jul 15th 2010

Sometimes I visit the Owlkids blog written by Craig, Owl magazine's editor, and today when I stopped by I was happy to find a poem written by an Owlkids blog reader. The poem is called "July," and it nicely captures the feeling of summer. I think you'll enjoy it! Are there any...

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Take a hike

By Liann Bobechko, posted Jul 14th 2010

When we want to go for a walk at the cottage we put on our long sleeves, hat, and either rubber boots or running shoes, depending on the season. Then we strike out, on autopilot, onto one of our tried and true cottage routes. When I walk, I'm following an invisible trail that...

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