Mission with Grandpa

By Liann Bobechko, posted Aug 10th 2010

I love hearing about fun traditions that arise at the cottage - and that, come to think of it, could only exist at the cottage. I met a cottager on Lake Muskoka last week who told me about something her husband does with the grandkids when they're all up at the lake. When they...

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Rainy day cottage fun

By Liann Bobechko, posted Aug 9th 2010 Rainy day cottage fun

Keep kids entertained with these rainy day activities

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Tequila Lime Escabeche à la Pee-wee with Sunflower Bannock

By Martin Zibauer, posted Aug 9th 2010

Sometimes fate conspires to bring two ideas together. First, I accepted Liann's challenge to make bannock this weekend. But then Pee-wee Herman tweeted about his visit to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Yesterday, among other events, he was leading the crowd in recreating his...

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Make bannock, cottagers

By Martin Zibauer, posted Aug 6th 2010 Make bannock, cottagers

Liann Bobechko challenges you: Make bannock this weekend. I think I will. photo: Dano

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When steaks fall in love 1

By Martin Zibauer, posted Aug 6th 2010

Or maybe it's only lust.   HT: Meatpaper

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Significant toothbrush storage 3

By Michelle Kelly, posted Aug 5th 2010 Significant toothbrush storage

There are some design problems that are uniquely cottage. For instance, where but at the lake would you be faced with the dilemma of storing about a dozen adult toothbrushes? That's what happens when growing families share the same summer space I guess. I got an anonymous tip...

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Cornell Chicken Sauce recipe 2

By Martin Zibauer, posted Aug 5th 2010

Before he invented chicken nuggets, turkey ham, and chicken hot dogs, and before the New York Times called him "something of a chicken Edison," Robert C. Baker came up with a sauce for grilled chicken. In the 1940s, he saw a missed opportunity for chicken farmers: people were...

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Family Weekend Challenge #5: Make bannock! 5

By Liann Bobechko, posted Aug 5th 2010

When my baby was a baby (she's now all grown up at 15 months), I went through a phase of baking bannock. It was, of course, partly that I love bannock (a lot), and got accolades for making it. But I also started mixing up double batches of the dry mix and storing half of it in a...

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The Oreo code: American vs. Canadian cookies 2

By Martin Zibauer, posted Aug 4th 2010 The Oreo code: American vs. Canadian cookies

Very important, serious research happens in our offices. It's not all fun and cottages. An American expat I know insists that US Oreos are distinct from Canadian, so I brought two bags in to the office, one from each country, for a tasting. Gary Davidson, art director of...

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New life for old sofas

By Michelle Kelly, posted Aug 4th 2010 New life for old sofas

Today I'll be putting the finishing touches on a fantastic story for our upcoming October issue, about a century-old farmhouse turned cottage. The owner, Viki Mansell, owns two antique shops in Toronto (Absolutely and Absolutely North), so you can imagine that the place is filled...

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