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Tips for dealing with the top five cottage stains

Yes, the work doesn’t stop just because you leave the city. And when it comes to stains at the cottage, you’re likely to be faced with a number of different challenges—because the great outdoors just likes to keep things...

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Brighten your deck without using bleach

No matter how well you build your deck, or what you build it from, sun and rain will eventually make it look old and dingy. Mold on a deck isn’t harmful, but it’s not exactly attractive, either. In this video, DIY expert...

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Trade in your old two-stroke and save with Clean Wake

If you mix oil and gas together before powering up your outboard, you’ve got a conventional two-stroke motor. Trade “two-stroke” for “inefficient,” and that’s a pretty accurate description. (“Dirty,” “loud,”...

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Tips for providing shore access to your dock

Choosing the right dock for your cottage property requires carefully considering your shoreline, the makeup the lake’s bottom and what you’ll be using your dock for. But once you’ve found your perfect dock, there’s one...

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What type of dock is right for your shoreline?

It’s a scene that’s ubiquitous with cottage country; enjoying a cool drink under the hot summer sun, sitting on your dock surrounded by family and friends. There’s no doubt that docks are as integral to cottage life as...

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Pro tips for anchoring your dock

We’ve all been there—who hasn’t had to board a boat at some point during an otherwise lazy summer afternoon to rescue an errant floating dock? That’s why when it comes to choosing the perfect dock system for your cottage...

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Dealing with your dock in the winter

After one of the coldest and harshest Canadian winters in the last two decades, be prepared to make some extra repairs when you open your cottage for the summer—particularly if you never got around to taking your dock out of the...

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20 breakfast hacks to make the most of your weekend

When one of our too-few long weekends finally arrives during our too-short summers, we're too busy firing up the grill, enjoying the water, or hitting the beach with a cooler full of chilled Coronas to be bothered with preparing a...

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Time to reconnect: Zafar and Lily-Anne

Zafar has always been a confident man. He was certain the first time he saw Lily-Anne that she would agree to go on a date with him. Then, after a night of dinner and disco dancing, he was positive that she would one day be his...

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