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5 ways to reduce water use

1. Fix the leaky cottage throne A toilet tank leaking into the bowl adds a lot of water to the septic system. To test for leaks put a few drops of food colouring into the tank. If the colouring appears in the bowl without being...

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Shrinking your energy bill

1. Retire that old beer fridge It’s been great for your overflow beer stash, but that ancient fridge in the boathouse is sucking more than four times the electricity of a newer, energy-efficient model, and costing you almost...

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How to minimize runoff

1. Sniff out a sick septic system There are still cottagers out there with leaking and overloaded septic systems, a major source of contaminated runoff to the lake. Human waste contains phosphorus, a nutrient that algae thrive...

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6 ways to save cottage wildlife

1. Be a slow and low-polluting boater When close to shore, always drive at a “no wake” speed (10 km/h within 30 metres of shore) to protect aquatic and shoreline nurseries from wave and prop action, and prevent erosion. Get...

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4 ways to reuse/recycle cottage junk

1. Unload your cap collection You know those beer caps you’ve been saving for decades? Well, you can recycle them at the same place as the bottles: The Beer Store. 2. Reduce your hoard of old runners Nike will take any brand...

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4 steps to a healthier shoreline

1. Rebuild the buffer zone Many cottage waterfronts have been stripped of the native shrubs, trees, grasses, and other plants that usually grow along an undeveloped shoreline. And that’s a big loss because this buffer zone...

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