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How to make an oak suitcase stand

Rustic yet refined, this oak suitcase stand gives guests a place to lay their luggage, then folds away for easy storage. The project takes its inspiration from a sawbuck — a cradle used to hold logs off the ground for...

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Nesting boxes for your gear

In a vintage hen-nesting box, the front lips kept straw in place. At the cottage, in this cross between storage bins and a shelf unit, they’ll corral caps, bug spray, and flashlights. 1] Crosscut 1x pine stock (its nominal...

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Techniques for aging wood

Go ahead—you can replace that bad board in your weathered grey boathouse, deck, or shed without the new one looking like an obvious fix. Try these time-tested techniques to “age” new wood. Before you commit, test a sample...

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Make a 5-board bench

By the dock, beneath a window, or beside the fire, this classic five-board cottage bench is both charming and useful. I used 1"-thick Douglas fir, but you can adapt the simple design to whatever wood is on hand, even those old...

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How to make a tin-sign serving tray

Loaded with snacks or leaning against the wall, this serving tray will make friends and family smile. The tray features a nostalgic tin sign, backed with plywood, in a white-oak frame. A pair of keys—small triangles of...

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