Penny Caldwell

Penny Caldwell has worked in the magazine industry as a writer and editor for more than 30 years. In 2000, she was named Editor-in-Chief of Cottage Life, which has won numerous awards under her guidance.

A passionate boater, Penny likes to kick back and enjoy cottage life at the family cottage she and her husband share with their two children and a golden retriever on an island in Georgian Bay.



Recent Articles and Blog Posts

What’s not to like about the cottage?

There’s a new thread on the Cottage Life forums where cottagers are describing things they don’t like about the cottage. Panache’s comment made me laugh: been there, done that! Here’s her post: “We closed up...

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Savouring the 100-mile diet

Yesterday, a blustery, grey, wet Saturday, we stopped at a local market and bought potatoes, yams, “coreless” carrots (according to the farmer, but does anyone know what these are? They look like they have a core), butternut...

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The case of the heritage carrots

We harvested just one lonely green bean from our three bean plants this year. Maybe the problem was that we aren’t experienced vegetable gardeners. We’re science project rescuers, putting the plants in the ground after they...

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We’re ancient forest friendly

Did you know that nearly a million trees have been saved by publishers like us who print on Ancient Forest Friendly and eco-friendly papers? The Markets Initiative, an environmental group that works with Canadian companies to...

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Where to find cottage chat

One of our terrific Forums members noted that we just passed 8,000 posts on the Forum since it relaunched in January 2007. Wow, that’s a chatty group of cottagers!

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Global warming or seasonal blip?

Guest post from Online Manager, Sharon Donaldson: Ah, those crisp fall days. Or not. How did you feel about the the weather over Thanksgiving Weekend? Instead of the traditional apple picking and pumpkin...

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The burger and poutine capital of Canada

That’s what we like: readers who are passionate about their cottage area. For Gilbert, who rides his motorcycle around the North Bay area and beyond, that would be Sturgeon Falls, Ontario. As soon as the October issue of...

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A bear in the cottage?

“It’s a good thing I came up,” DH says on the phone today. He tells me there are large claw marks in the back-porch screen, which he found on the ground in the woods behind the shed. We knew there had been a bear prowling...

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The great solar oven experiment

Cottage Life’s Senior Editor Martin Zibauer became interested in solar ovens last year. This summer, he took one on holiday and he shares his experience in a guest blog: For a camping trip a few weeks ago, I brought along the...

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The real reason we should protect the environment

Protecting the environment is about self-preservation, according to Robert Roach, the Canada West Foundation’s director of research. A self-confessed city slicker, he explains his observation in his “Letter from the Editor”...

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