Penny Caldwell

Penny Caldwell has worked in the magazine industry as a writer and editor for more than 30 years. In 2000, she was named Editor-in-Chief of Cottage Life, which has won numerous awards under her guidance.

A passionate boater, Penny likes to kick back and enjoy cottage life at the family cottage she and her husband share with their two children and a golden retriever on an island in Georgian Bay.



Recent Articles and Blog Posts

Super moon happens tomorrow night

“The notion of people doing weird things because of a full moon is just folklore,” according to a story on Fox News that talks about the supermoon happening tomorrow night. The closest point to Earth in the moon's orbit (the...

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Our boathouse bedroom

Some kids have a treehouse. My sister and I had a boathouse. It was two storeys, white with green trim, same as the rented cottage up the hill. The two of us slept alone in the single room over the boat slip. She was nine; I was...

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Changes for small commercial vessels

Guest post by Blair Eveleigh, senior associate editor If you make money from using a boat, as of July 1, you may have to register your boat as a commercial vessel with Transport Canada. This applies to most commercial vessels and...

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My (not) favourite thing about the cottage

Guest post by Jackie Davis, assistant editor. At the Spring Cottage Life Show, we’d asked visitors to the Cottage Life booth “What’s your favourite thing about the cottage?” Many people said “family,” a bunch said...

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Snapping turtles still targets

Guest post by Blair Eveleigh, senior associate editor Maybe you were at our recent Spring Cottage Life Show and saw the exhibit in the Wildlife Centre by the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre. Or maybe you read my blog post a couple...

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Will your cottage lake go green this summer?

Guest post by Blair Eveleigh, senior associate editor The few warm days this spring have got everyone excited about the warmer weather we expect to come. We’ve even broken some high-temperature records this spring. Makes you...

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Springtime is bug time

Guest post by Jackie Davis, assistant editor. As every cottager knows, spring brings bugs. I don’t spend much time at the cottage in the spring, but I do experience bugs in the city. When the weather gets mild, they invade my...

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Another way to get to the cottage

Guest post by Blair Eveleigh, senior associate editor If you read the latest blog post by Jackie Davis, you’ll know that the future is on our minds here at Cottage Life. Her list of futuristic inventions made me recall a press...

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Now they’ve done it! Five inventions

Guest post by Jackie Davis, assistant editor. Recently, Terrafugia unveiled its flying car, a.k.a the roadable aircraft. (So maybe it should really be called the “driving plane?”) It completed its first flight on March 23, in...

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Federal budget echoes Ontario budget

Guest post by Blair Eveleigh, senior associate editor As with the Ontario budget (see my post last week), the federal budget gave short shrift to the environment and was gung-ho on promoting economic development, pushing forward...

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