Michel Roy

Michel has contributed to Canadian Home Workshop since 2003. Even though he works as a contractor and furniture builder, he really enjoys motivating others to do things for themselves. He really believes that with a little investment in tools and time, most people can learn to craft and fix things, rather than buy or discard them.

In home improvement terms, he generally works on projects involving cabinetry, tile and trimwork.

Michel is also a great fan of the Arts and Crafts aesthetic, and he likes building furniture pieces that reflect that style, though since moving to the West Coast, he’s become more interested in contemporary design.

Recent Articles and Blog Posts

Stuff we like: Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

From kitchen knives to axes, tool sharpening is a skill that falls somewhere between science and dark art. Sharpening gizmos have often disappointed me, but the Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener really does make cottage tool...

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5 DIY drywall tips

Hanging boards and mudding joints really isn’t rocket science, but without practice, it can turn into a frustrating, messy nightmare. Here are a few smart tips that should spare your back and your sanity.1. Use mesh joint tape,...

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2 simple screen door fixes

While the main doors on your castle handle security, your screen and storm doors protect your cottage too. They won’t stop the bears, but storms will keep out the weather and, provided your screen doors continue to make a...

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How to fix leaking rivets in a boat

When you think about it, aluminum boats are little more than a few sheets of metal, held together with some rivets and welds. And while it’s pretty amazing how much of a pounding they can take, eventually their rivets loosen or...

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Emergency roof repair

Every clever cottager has a first aid kit handy. It’s a good idea to keep emergency supplies around for your roof too. The storm that drops a branch through the lid of your cottage won’t call ahead to remind you to stop at the...

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3 tricks to removing stumps

Here’s the thing. There’s a stump where the new deck post should be, and you’re unwilling to redesign the deck and live with the stump. Well then, cottager, you have three options to get rid of it: a rental grinding machine...

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How to repair snowshoes

A solid pair of snowshoes can mean the difference between a brisk walk and a knee-deep slog. Whether they’re ash and hide, or aluminum and neoprene, ongoing maintenance and a few emergency-repair tips will keep you on top of the...

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Winterize your ATV in 10 steps

Before bedding down your ATV for the winter, make sure cold, condensation, chemical breakdown, and critters don’t turn your spring start-up into a letdown. 1. Clean and lubricate: Wash, rinse, and dry your ATV. Bugs and brake...

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Ventilated plumbing

DIY plumber Sometimes it’s not that water can’t get out, but that air can’t get in. Imagine turning a full bottle upside down to empty it—the liquid “glugs” out in fits and starts for just the same reason. Tilt the...

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6 tips for shaping tiles

Tiling a backsplash 
or a shower 
is a satisfying 
DIY cottage upgrade—as long as you know how to shape the raw materials. Whether the cut is straight or curved, and the tile is ceramic, glass, or stone, there’s a tool...

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