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Barbequed Traditional Prime Rib

A noble prime rib roast of beef is a treat and the perfect dish for a special family gathering. Serve with Yorkshire pudding or baked potatoes with all the trimmings (sour cream or yogurt, chopped chives or green onions), grilled...

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Hoison glazed pork roast

Brining is for folks who like to try something different. The optional step involves immersing the cut in a salted liquid and so requires additional prep time, but it results in exceptionally moist, flavourful, and tender meat....

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Spicy citrus pulled pork

This seasoned pork sandwich takes time to slow-cook—which actually makes it a good choice to serve the gang for a casual dinner (the recipe is easily doubled for a larger crowd). It’s not a difficult dish, but you really must...

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Essential spices for summer barbecuing

At the beginning of the season, restock your cool, dark, and dry cottage pantry with fresh spices—old, flavourless back-of-the-cupboard spices have no business touching the meat you’re going to lovingly smoke for several...

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Tips and tricks for cooking with chiles

Chile 101: Mild Poblano: Thick, green to red smoky-sweet flesh, ideal for stuffing. Dried, it’s an ancho. New Mexico, Anaheim: Two similar, narrow chiles with smooth green to red flesh. Cubanelle: Yellow-green, thin flesh....

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Delightful dried fruit recipes

The pantry I grew up with always had jars of dark raisins, golden sultanas, and tiny currants for baking, and dried figs, apricots, apples, and prunes for breakfast cereals and desserts. Today, bulk food markets offer all the...

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Savoury sides

Every year the Thanksgiving turkey dominates the conversation. It demands to be noticed, what with its oversized roasting pan and long cooking time. What the cottage cook can have fun with instead are the side dishes, the...

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Eggs 101

Eggs are an easy and versatile food that can be served at any meal. There are hundreds of ways to cook eggs—we've picked out the basics that everyone should know. A good general rule, with only a few exceptions, is to cook...

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Egg facts

Who can deny the versatility of an egg? Eggs are a staple of breakfasts and baked goods, the basis of foods from the hearty omelet to the delicate meringue. How well do you know your egg facts? Read on for your primer on...

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8 winter harvest recipes

We think of late autumn and early winter as a time to wind down and cocoon as long nights and cold, brittle days approach. Colourful summer fare, grilled and eaten outdoors, is past us now, and if we’re honest, we’ve had...

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