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Emma Woolley is the digital content manger for explore-mag.com and outdoorcanada.ca.

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10 ways to take care of your septic system

Most of us don’t think about our septic system after it’s installed­­—until there’s that lovely sewage smell after a rainfall or the toilet starts backing up. Some of us rely on Uncle Dan to keep on top of maintenance,...

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Curling basics

Curling seems simple. Players slide rocks across a sheet of ice, working in teams to finish with their rocks closest to the button (centre target). But choosing where to aim the rocks and controlling their paths requires team-wide...

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7 cottage-country hiking trails

These are our picks for day hikes of varying difficulty all over cottage country. 1. Sandstone Island Trail Charleston Lake Provincial Park Gananoque, Ont. Length: 3.3 km loop (about 2 hours) Difficulty: Easy Map:...

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Pantry staples checklist

Opening weekend is quickly approaching and, along with everything else on your growing list of to-dos, it’s time to restock the cottage. Over the winter months some items may have passed their best-before dates and others will...

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9 ways to be a good cottage guest

You might be worried about committing a faux pas and ending up on the host’s blacklist. You also may be new to the wilderness, which can be an even bigger concern, for different reasons all together. Whether you’re a good...

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